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Hunting has provided some of the most incredible experiences we've encountered. We're now on a mission change misconceptions and inspire the next generation of hunters.

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Hunting advice you can count on.

Most of the hunting sites we came across were outdated and didn't resonate with us. So we set out to create the resource we wish existed.

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"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better."
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How To Clean A Pistol

How To Clean A Pistol

Whether you're new to guns or are an experienced shooter, proper maintenance of your firearm is a must. We created this detailed guide to walk through everything you will need to know about cleaning a pistol; including equipment and step by step instructions showing detailed photos for each step.

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Born in the northeast, Hunters Guides originally began as a resource to help hunters navigate complex season regulations. After a few months, we realized there was a greater opportunity to help promote hunting. So we started creating the resource we wish existed - a site rich with videos, tutorials and how-to's.

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