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Mississippi Hunting Seasons 2023

We set out to create the most simplified guide to Mississippi hunting seasons for 2023.

Want to find out season dates, learn about regulations and bag limits, understand license requirements, and get access helpful links?

Then you’ll love the info outlined in today’s guide. Let’s dive right in.

Mississippi Hunting Seasons

Mississippi Hunting Season Dates

Mississippi's deer population is estimated to be 1.75 million, with hunters harvesting approximately 280,000 deer annually. Mississippi has a lot of deer compared to the number of hunters and there are many older deer roaming the state. Mississippi ranks Number 1 in the nation for the percentage of 3 1/2-year-old and older bucks in the deer harvest. 74% of the harvest is over 3 1/2 years old.

Bow hunters get an early start on the season, before gun hunters, so take advantage.

Mississippi Deer Season 2023

Archery: October 1 - November 29

Youth Gun: November 6 - November 19 and November 20 - February 15

Firearms: November 20 - January 19

Primitive Weapon/Antlerless: November 8 - November 19

Archery/Primitive Weapon: January 20 - February 15

Mississippi Wild Turkey Season 2023

Fall General Season: October 15 - November 15

Spring Youth Season: March 8 - March 14

Spring General Season: March 15 - May 1

Mississippi Small Game Seasons 2023

Rabbit: October 16 - February 28

Bobwhite Quail: November 25 - March 5

Raccoon (Food and sport): October 1 - October 31

Raccoon (Food, sport, and pelt): November 1 - February 28

Opossum (Food and sport): October 1 - October 31

Opossum (Food, sport, and pelt): November 1 - February 28

Fall Squirrel: October 1 - February 28

Spring Squirrel: May 15 - June 1

Youth Squirrel: September 24 - September 30

Mississippi Hunting Zones 2023

See the map below for a breakdown of Mississippi's hunting zones:

Mississippi Bag Limits 2023

Bag limits can be confusing. Feel free to reach out to your state department if you have any questions.

Antlered Buck Deer: The statewide bag limit on antlered buck deer is one (1) buck per day and three (3) per annual season. One (1) of these three (3) may have hardened antlers that do not meet the unit legal antler requirements on private land and Holly Springs National Forest. For youth hunters fifteen (15) years of age and younger, hunting on private land and authorized state and federal lands, all three (3) of the three (3) buck bag limit may be any antlered deer. Antlered buck bag limit in the North Central Deer Management Unit (DMU) is one (1) buck per day and four (4) per annual season. No antler restrictions apply to this DMU. All four bucks may have any sized hardened antlers.

Antlerless Deer / Private lands: The statewide annual bag limit on antlerless deer is five (5). The antlerless bag limit for private lands in the North Central DMU is ten (10) antlerless deer per season. Antlerless deer are male or female deer which do not have hardened antler above the natural hairline. Only two (2) antlerless deer may be harvested from the Southeast Unit. There is no daily bag limit on antlerless deer in the Northeast, North Central, East Central, Southwest, and Delta units. Only one (1) antlerless deer per day may be harvested in the Southeast DMU.

U.S. Forest Service National Forests: The bag limit is one (1) per day, not to exceed five (5) per annual season.

Mississippi Hunting License 2023

Mississippi Resident Hunting License Fees

Sportsman's License - Includes Fall Turkey Permit, Archery/Primitive Weapon/Crossbow - does not include WMA User Permit or Saltwater Fishing$45.00
All Game Hunting/Freshwater Fishing - Does not include Archery/Primitive/Crossbow, Fall Turkey Permit or WMA User Permit.$25.00
Archery/Primitive Weapon/Crossbow - Must be bought in addition to All Game Hunting/ Freshwater Fishing when hunting during special seasons. As of July 1st, 2013, this privilege will include the use of a Crossbow.$14.00
Fall Turkey Permit - Not required with purchase of resident Sportsman License or resident Lifetime Sportsman License. Must be purchased in addition to All Game Hunting/Freshwater Fishing license to fall turkey hunt.$5.00
All licenses are subject to a $1.00 Agent Fee and $1.29 Processing Fee.

Mississippi Nonresident Hunting License Fees

All Game Hunting - Ages 19 and over - does not include Archery/Primitive Weapon/Crossbow, Spring or Fall Turkey permits, deer permit, or WMA User Permit.$300.00
Archery/Primitive Weapon/Crossbow Permit - Must be bought in addition to All Game Hunting or 7-Day All Game Hunting when hunting during special seasons.$75.00
Deer Permit - Required for hunting deer during all deer seasons. This license must be purchased in addition to All Game, 7-Day All Game, or 3-Day All Game Hunting License.$5.00
Spring Turkey Permit - Required for hunting turkey during spring turkey season. This license must be purchased in addition to All Game, 7-Day All Game, or 3-Day All Game Hunting License.$20.00
Fall Turkey Permit - Required for hunting turkey during fall either-sex seasons. This license must be purchased in addition to All Game, 7-Day All-Game, or 3-Day All Game Hunting License. Fall turkey hunting limited to certain areas.$20.00
All licenses are subject to a $1.00 - $3.00 Agent Fee and $1.29 Processing Fee.

Mississippi Hunting Regulations 2023

Hunters must wear orange when traveling to and from their stands.

Helpful Resources

Official State Site:

What animals can you hunt in Mississippi?

In Mississippi you can hunt deer, hog, turkey, coyote, quail, duck, goose, dove and rabbit.

What license do I need to hunt dove in Mississippi?

In addition to a valid Mississippi hunting license you will need a dove permit.

How much is a lifetime hunting license in Mississippi?

A lifetime hunting license in Mississippi for ages 13 and over costs $1,000.

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