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North Dakota Hunting Season 2023

We set out to create the most simplified guide to North Dakota hunting seasons for 2023.

Want to find out season dates, learn about regulations and bag limits, understand license requirements, and get access helpful links?

Then you’ll love the info outlined in today’s guide. Let’s dive right in.

North Dakota Hunting Seasons

North Dakota Hunting Season Dates

North Dakota is best known for deer hunting but it offers other big game like Elk, Bighorn sheep, Moose, Mountain Lion, and Pronghorn. They also have spring and fall Turkey seasons. They have Furbearers such as badgers, beaver, bobcat, and coyote. The state has just 5% (2.1 million acres) of its land in public ownership. The state isn't very populated and has a low hunter population as well so your chances of getting a trophy quality deer are very high here! Some of the best counties to hunt are Burleigh, McHenry, McKenzie, McLean, Mountrail, Ward, and Williams. North Dakota has very cold winters so plan on layering your clothes!

North Dakota Deer Season 2023

Archery: September 3, 2023 - January 2, 2024

Youth Seasons: September 9, 2023 - September 26, 2023

Gun: November 5, 2023 - November 21, 2023

Muzzleloader: November 26, 2023 - December 12, 2023

North Dakota Wild Turkey Season 2023

Fall Regular: October 9, 2023 - January 2, 2024

Spring Regular / Youth: April 10, 2023 - May 16, 2023

North Dakota Pronghorn Season 2023

Archery Only: September 3, 2023 - September 26, 2023

Gun or Bow: October 1, 2023 - October 17, 2023

North Dakota Bighorn SheepSeason 2023

Bighorn Sheep Regular: October 29, 2023 - December 31, 2023

North Dakota Hunting Zones 2023

See the map below for a breakdown of ND's hunting zones:

North Dakota Bag Limits 2023

Bag limits vary by what you're hunting and where so check the official ND site before your hunt.

North Dakota Hunting License 2023

Deer gun, moose, elk, bighorn sheep, tundra swan and wild turkey licenses are issued by lottery and require special application procedures.

Combination License (age 16 or older)* - includes fishing, general game and habitat, small game and furbearer licenses.$52
Fishing, Hunting, Furbearer Certificate (need only purchase one per year)
(Prerequisite for all hunting and fishing licenses)
General Game and Habitat License (need only purchase one per year)
(Prerequisite for all hunting licenses except furbearer)
Wild Turkey, spring and fall (1st lottery) - small game license also required for those age 16 and older.$15
Licensing Requirements Quick Reference
Deer Gun (1st Lottery) - Includes a $5 nonrefundable application fee. All but application fee is refunded if application is unsuccessful. After second lottery is held, a nonresident deer gun license is $50, if available.$255
Deer Bow$250
Fishing, Hunting, Furbearer Certificate (need only purchase one per year)
(Prerequisite for all hunting and fishing licenses except spring light goose and early Canada goose licenses)
General Game and Habitat License (need only purchase one per year)
(Prerequisite for all hunting licenses (except furbearer, nongame, spring light goose and early Canada goose)
Fall Wild Turkey - after the first lottery has been held, if licenses remain, nonresidents may purchase a fall wild turkey license.$80

North Dakota Hunting Regulations 2023

Hunters have to wear a minimum of 400 square inches of orange during when hunting big game with firearms.

Helpful Resources

Official State Site:

When does deer hunting season open in North Dakota?

In North Dakota deer hunting season opens September 3, 2023 for bow and November 5, 2023 for gun.

Where to buy North Dakota hunting license?

You can buy the ND hunting license online here

What can you hunt in North Dakota?

In ND you can hunt deer, elk, antelope, sheep, moose, turkey, coyote, mountain lion, bobcat, fox, dove, goose, duck and more.

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