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I don't always tell people where I hunt, but when I do, it's a lie.

Hunting has an interesting culture. It can be partly ego driving - competitive and intimidating. But it is also spiritual. Connecting deeply with nature for nourishment taps into our DNA. We want to change the narrative around hunting - making it inclusive, speaking to a modern outdoorsman.

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I started my bow hunting journey 30 years ago. with a Hoyt compound that I could barely draw. After a few years of struggling, I stopped shooting. Years later my interest reignited and I was lucky enough to have my dad (who didn't stop shooting).

Hunting as a steep learning curve. The skill of shooting is one thing. But the list of topics seemed never ending - navigating gear, regulations, land, techniques, broad heads, scents, rattles, grunts, tracking, field dressing, cooking.

I spent my first 2 deer seasons freezing in a tree stand, unsuccessful. I had a few does walk right up to my stand but couldn't take the opportunity because I didn't get doe tags for the season.

Fast forward 2 years and I harvested my first deer. It was deeply meaningful, triggering all the work that had led to that moment. A moment that wouldn't have happened without the help of my dad and others in the hunting community.

This is my project to pay it forward, hoping grow the hunting community with education, information and inspiration.

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Born in the northeast, Hunters Guides originally began as a resource to help hunters navigate complex season regulations. After a few months, we realized there was a greater opportunity to help promote hunting. So we started creating the resource we wish existed - a site rich with videos, tutorials and how-to's.

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