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Louisiana Hunting Season 2023

We set out to create the most simplified guide to Louisiana hunting seasons for 2023.

Want to find out season dates, learn about regulations and bag limits, understand license requirements, and get access helpful links?

Then you’ll love the info outlined in today’s guide. Let’s dive right in.

Louisiana Hunting Seasons

Louisiana Hunting Season Dates

Did you know the Bayou State has some of the best duck hunting? Whether you're going for gators or deer we've got all the info you need to get out there and hunt the south.

When preparing for a hunt it is important to make sure you know the regulations and are respecting the environment.

Louisiana Deer Season 2023

Please note: Louisiana's hunting seasons vary based on zones / location and sex of the deer. We did our best to give a overview range of the seasons below.

Archery starts as early as September 18 and goes as late January 31

Primitive / Muzzleloader starts as early as October 9 and goes as late as January 31

Firearms, No DogsOct. 16-Jan. 23**

Firearms, With Or Without DogsNov. 29-Jan. 23**

Youth and Honorably Discharged VeteransOct. 9 to Nov. 5**

Louisiana Wild Turkey Season 2023

Louisiana Small Game Season 2023

Louisiana Hunting Zones 2023

See the map below for a breakdown of Alabama's hunting zones:

Louisiana Bag Limits 2023

Louisiana Hunting License 2023

Basic Season
(excluding big game)
Big Game$14.00$150.00
Primitive Firearm$10.50$26.00Permit needed after
general for weapon of
LA sportsman’s
$100.00N/AAs an alternative to
multiple licenses you
may purchase this
which includes
fishing, basic season
& big game hunting,
bow , primitive
firearm, turkey, duck
& WMA permit with

As an alternative to LA sportsman paradise or licenses required above, you may purchase the Lifetime Hunting, Fishing or Combo available from the Baton Rouge office only.

Louisiana Hunting Regulations 2023

Removal of youth turkey lottery hunt, now open hunt for all youth

Know where an electric bicycle can be operate on WMA’s

Reduction of turkey season from 16 days to nine days.

Helpful Resources

Official State Site:

When does hunting season start in Alabama?

Alabama's hunting season starts October 15 for Archery and November 20 for firearms.

When does hunting season end in Alabama?

Alabama's hunting season ends February 10 for Archery and Firearms.

When is hunting season in Alabama?

Hunting seasons vary by county in Alabama so please refer to our detailed page.

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