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Washington Hunting Season 2022-2023

We set out to create the most simplified guide to Washington hunting seasons for 2022-2023.

Want to find out season dates, learn about regulations and bag limits, understand license requirements, and get access helpful links?

Then you’ll love the info outlined in today’s guide. Let’s dive right in.

Washington Hunting Seasons

Washington Hunting Season Dates

Whether deer, elk, waterfowl, or upland game, the hunt of a lifetime can be found in Washington. Hunting remains a vital way of life for many residents and non-residents in Washington and contributes to statewide conservation efforts. The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife maintains opportunities for seasoned and first-time hunters alike.

Washington Deer Season 2022-2023

Washington Archery Deer Season 2022-2023

Early Archery: September 1 - September 24, 2021

Late Archery (whitetail): November 10 - December 15, 2021

Washington Gun Deer Season 2022-2023

General Season: October 16, 2021 - October 29, 2021

Late General Season (whitetail): November 6, 2021 - November 19, 2021

Washington Muzzleloader Deer Season 2022-2023

Early Muzzleloader: September 25, 2021 - October 3, 2021

Late Muzzleloader (whitetail): November 20, 2021- Dec. 8, 2021

Washington Wild Turkey Season 2022-2023

Fall General Season: September 1, 2021 - December 31, 2021

Spring General Season: January 1, 2022 - April 30, 2022

Spring Youth Turkey: April 15, 2022 - May 31, 2022

Washington Hunting Zones 2022-2023

See the map below for a breakdown of Washington's hunting zones:

Washington Bag Limits 2022-2023

Bag limits vary by zone and animal so consult the official site once you have more details about your hunt.

Washington Hunting License 2022-2023

License typeResidentNon-residentResident senior
Deer+Elk+Bear+Cougar License$95.50$860.00$95.50
Deer+Elk+Bear+Cougar License W/discounted Small game license ***$117.50$956.80$117.50
Deer+Elk License$84.50$739.00$84.50
Deer+Elk License W/discounted Small game license ***$106.50$835.80$106.50
Deer License$44.90$434.30$44.90
Deer License W/discounted Small game license ***$66.90$531.10$66.90

Washington Hunting Regulations 2022-2023

You can hunt on Sundays in Washington state.

You have to wear at least 400 square inches of orange when hunting.

Helpful Resources

Official State Site:

Which species of deer may not be hunted in Washington?

Washington does not allow hunting of Columbian white-tailed deer.

What animals can you hunt in Washington state?

In Washington you can hunt whitetail deer, blacktail deer, mule deer, bear, elk, goat, moose, sheep, mountain lion, bobcat, turkey, fox, goose, pheasant, duck, dove and more.

When is bow hunting season in Washington state?

Bow hunting season opens September 1, 2021 in Washington state.

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