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Maryland Hunting Season 2023

We set out to create the most simplified guide to Maryland hunting seasons for 2023.

Want to find out season dates, learn about regulations and bag limits, understand license requirements, and get access helpful links?

Then you’ll love the info outlined in today’s guide. Let’s dive right in.

Maryland Hunting Seasons

Maryland Hunting Season Dates

Having trouble finding the info you need about Maryland? Maryland offers a lot, if this is your first time hunting you are in for a great experience. The times spent will be some of the best you’ve had. Maryland promote youth hunts and offers a wide variety of juniors only programs. The most important part is teaching the generation to be responsible stewards. They can participate in small game hunting, plus there is big game hunting to try for all ages. Maryland also participates in the lottery which helps maintain healthy, sustainable wildlife populations and habitats.

Maryland Deer Season 2023

Archery: September 10 - October 20 and October 24 - November 26

Firearms: November 27 - December 11 and January 7 - January 9

Muzzleloader: October 21 - October 30 and December 18 - January 1

Maryland Wild Turkey Season 2023

Fall General Season: October 30 - November 7

Winter General Season: January 20 - January 22

Spring General Season: April 18 - May 23

Spring Junior Hunt: April 16 - April 17

Maryland Small Game Seasons 2023

Rabbit: November 6 - February 28

Squirrel: September 4 - February 28

Quail: November 6 - February 28

Ruffed Grouse: October 2 - January 31

Pheasant: November 6 - February 28

Crow: August 15 - March 15

Maryland Hunting Zones 2023

See the map below for a breakdown of Maryland's hunting zones:

Maryland Bag Limits 2023

A Maryland license is required to hunt geese during the light goose season, daily limit 25 no possession limit

Antlered season bag limit is 2.

Maryland Hunting License 2023

A hunter must always carry personal photo ID, as well as permission to hunt on private land. A hunting license is required to hunt deer, An archery Stamp is required for archery deer season and when using bows during primitive deer hunt days. Archery equipment may be used to hunt deer during all deer seasons. Muzzleloading firearms can be used during all firearms as well.

A bonus antlered deer stamp allows hunting license holders to take additional antlered deer during one of the hunting seasons (archery, muzzleloader, or firearms)

Regular Hunting License$24.50$130
Archery Stamp$6$25
Muzzleloader Stamp$6$25
Resident Antlered Deer Stamp$10$25

Maryland Hunting Regulations 2023

The Natural Resource police safety education and outreach unit provides the hunter education course required to obtain the certificate of competency in firearms and hunters safety

Resident Jr hunters are entitled to a one time free annual hunting license, archery stamp and muzzleloader stamp upon successful completion of course.

Helpful Resources

Official State Site:

What animals can you hunt in Maryland?

You can hunt deer, bear, turkey, coyote, fox, pheasant, quail, duck, goose and doves in Maryland.

When is youth hunting day in Maryland?

Youth hunting days are November 6 and February 5 in Maryland.

When is goose hunting season in Maryland?

Goose hunting season starts as early as September 1 in Maryland.

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