About Hunting in West Virginia

This is the Mountain State so be sure to enjoy a variety of wild and wonderful hunting, trapping and fishing that awaits here in this high elevation land. With so much to do and so much wildlife abundant there’s just no limit to all that you’ll be able to find here.

West Virginia Hunting Seasons

Big Game: Bear, Deer, bobcat

Small Game: Squirrel, Grouse, rabbit, hare, fox, coyote

Birds: Turkey, Crow

West Virginia Hunting zones

West Virginia Hunting Season Dates 2021

FirearmsNov 23- Dec 6No more than 3
antlered bucks
Archery & CrossbowSept 26- Dec 312Either sex may be
taken or valid lcinse ;
2 deer with stamps, &
no more than 3
antlerled buck max
Oct 22-253
Nov 23- Dec 63
Dec 10-133Split season
Dec 28-313
MuzzleloaderDec 14-202Either sex
Deer/ BearJan 14-17

WV Bear Season Dates

Archery & CrossbowSept 23- Dec 31
GunOct 3-9 & Oct 22-25 & Nov 23- Dec 6 & Dec
7 &31, Sept 19-25 & Aug 29 -Sept 13

West Virginia Hunting License

Purchase your West Virginia Hunting License : https://www.wvhunt.com/

Hunting & Trapping$19$119
Sportsman Hunting/ Trapping
/ Fishing
Antlerless Deer Stamp$10$27
Big game stamp$10
Make sure that you look into each stamp as they may be required of license holders to further
hunt deer, turkey, bear or boar with a bow or muzzleloader.

West Virginia Hunting News

West Virginia offers several big game hunting seasons through the beautiful Appalachian mountains. It is one of the most time honored traditions and each year more than 350,000 hunters take to West Virginia’s woods in search of a game.

Right now West Virginia harvested a record of 3,541 black bears in 2020, as well as 38,776 bucks during the firearm season. There also seems to be an improvement for the lottery announcements that have been made, with as many great winners as there are as well!

Links to Official Sites

Buy license in West Virginia: https://www.wvhunt.com/
West Virginia State Regulation Site: https://www.wvhunt.com/
West Virginia State PDF: https://www.wvdnr.gov/Hunting/Regs2021/Season_dates.pdf