About Hunting in Virginia

Historically throughout eastern North America , including Virginia Elk and big game were found, However by the late 1800s unsustainable hunting and habitat resulted in much fewer elk.

That is why protecting the wildlife that surrounds this area is so important and people have nightly and daily routines to monitor suspicious activity so this doesn’t repeat itself in history. Making sure that all precautions and measures are taken are highly important so that the herds have a high population and stay well managed throughout. Restore the wild with Virginia and help ongoing habitat restoration projects across the commonwealth!

Virginia Hunting Seasons

Big Game: Bear, Deer, Elk, Bobcat

Small Game: Groundhog, Rabbit, Squirrel

Birds: Turkey, Crow, Waterfowl

Virginia Hunting zones

Virginia Hunting Season Dates 2021

Early ArcheryOct 3- Nov 13StatewideNo more than 2 a day, 6 a license year
Late ArcheryNov 29- Jan 2In all areas W. of
Blue Ridge
No more than 2
a day , 6 a
license year
Except Clarke &
Floyd counties – private lands in
Nov 30- Jan 2On all national
forest and
owned lands
west of the Blue
Ridge- National
forests lands in
bedford, nelson
No more than 2
a day , 6 a
license year
Dec 1- Jan 2Cities of
suffolk (E. of
dismal swamp
line) & virginia
No more than 2
a day , 6 a
license year
Dec 13- January
In counties of
Bedford, Floyd,
Franklin, Henry,
Nelson & Patrick
No more than 2
a day , 6 a
license year
MuzzleloaderOct 31- Nov 13No season in
Virginia Beach
or Suffolk E. of
the Dismal
Swamp land)
2 antlered deerAntlered deer
may be taken
every day of the
Antlerless deer
may only be
taken on either
sex deer.
Hunting Days
East of the Blue
No more than 2
a day , 6 a
license year
Either Sex- In all
Dec 12- Jan 2StatewideNo more than 2
a day , 6 a
license year
Firearms Deer
Nov 14- 28In counties,
Carroll, Craig,
Giles, Grayson,
Smyth, Warren
and Wythe.
No more than 2
a day , 6 a
license year
Either Sex

Virginia Bear Hunting Season 2021

ArcheryOct 3- Nov 13Statewide
MuzzleloaderNov 7- 13Statewide that hunting with a muzzleloading rifle is permitted.
Early FirearmsSept 28- 30All west of the ridge and counties right behind the line deemed “east side.’
FirearmOct 1- Jan
Chesapeake, Suffolk and Virginia Beach
Nov 23 – Jan 2West of the ridge and north
east with the furthest county Chesterfield
Nov 30- Jan 2South East ridge counties
Nov 30 – Dec 19Most southern and eastern parts
Bear Hound
Chase/ Training
Nov 14- 28Most southern and eastern parts
Aug 1- Sept 26All west and counties on the east of the ridge.

Virginia Hunting License

In order to qualify for a licence you can be :

  1. Resident of the city, county or state for 6 months, immediately preceding the date of
    purchasing a license.
  2. Legal Voters in Virginia
    In addition to hunting bear, deer or turkey a license is required in addition to a hunting license. If you were to get an archery in addition to hunting, you will need a permit plus license.
Resident county or city
hunting license

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Virginia Hunting News

There are so many multiple types of species offered throughout this great state, starting with the bobcat, black bear, coyote to even the smallest cotton mouse, there are so many varieties and we want to stay motivated to protect them all, so there are abundant natural resources to go around for everybody. To stay highly motivated people can help with an array of issues, including a natural disaster or conducting themselves as a leader for those to follow so that everyone takes the proper measures to stay safe.

Link to Official Site

Virginia State Regulation Site: https://dwr.virginia.gov/conservation-police/
Virginia State PDF:
Virginia License: https://gooutdoorsvirginia.com/