About Hunting in Vermont

It is abound with wildlife, there are a lot to view from Moose all the way to Christmas birds and even frogs! There are even Hawks, Geese, Song birds as well as Missisquoi! Be sure to check the season to stay up to date on the most exciting opportunities for this time of year. Blend in as well as practice patience! What is required can greatly play off, when the wildlife decides to show up and make for stunning photography and real world interaction with gorgeous scenery!

Big Game: Deer, Black Bear, Moose

Small Game: Rabbit, Hare, Squirrel

Birds: Turkey, Crow, Upland Game birds, Waterfowl

Vermont Hunting zones

Vermont Statewide Deer Hunting Season Dates 2021

ArcheryOct 1-Nov 12
Nov 29-Dec 15, 2021 (closed during regular November season)
-One legal buck may be taken anywhere in the state not to exceed the one buck annual limit.
-Antlerless deer may be taken anywhere in the
state, not to exceed the annual limit.
-A crossbow may be used by anyone.
Novice WeekendOct 23-24, 2021-A Novice is a person who purchased their first
hunting license less than 12 months prior to
this season and is 16 years of age or older
Oct 28-31,2021-Muzzleloader license and antlerless permit
-Permit may be used during this season or
during the regular muzzleloader deer season.
November RifleNov 13- Nov 28-One legal buck may be taken anywhere in the state not to exceed the one buck annual limit.
MuzzleloaderDecember 4-12, 2021One legal buck may be taken anywhere in the state not to exceed the one buck annual limit.
-Antlerless deer may be taken if you have an antlerless permit.

No more than four deer per year, only one may be a legal buck. Youth and novice hunters can take two legal bucks, provided one is taken during the youth or novice season, not to exceed the annual limit of four deer. No antler restrictions apply for Youth Deer Weekend or Novice Weekend.

Vermont Hunting License

To purchase a license go to : https://www.vtfwdsales.com/online/cid_entry.php Antlerless Permit available in June.

There are lotteries in Vermont, To apply for a license , present a copy of

  • 1. Previous years license
  • 2. A copy of a hunter education card To purchase an archery license you have to complete
  • 3. Bow hunter education, and it is valid for a year.
Combo Hunt/Fish$47.00$143.00
Archery Deer (license required.)$23.00$38.00
Archery deer only (license not
Muzzleloader Deer$23.00$40.00
Antlerless Deer Muzzleloader LotteryOct 28- Oct 21, 2021 or during December muzzleloader deer season Dec 4-12, 2021
Lifetime License LotteryDeadline is December 15th, 2021
Moose LotteryThe results are in! Season starts Oct 1- 7, 2021 for archery or Oct 16- 21, 2021 for the regular season.

Vermont Hunting News

There is gorgeous scenery abound in this state! There are also lots of ways to get involved by hunt, fish , conserve or watching wildlife up close and personal. So make sure not to skip out on this opportunity, go ahead and get out there, there are ways to get involved and if rather try to contact the wildlife department, that’s not a problem. All questions and ways to participate are welcomed as VT is extremely friendly and versatile.

Links to Official Sites:

Vermont Licenses and Permits

Vermont State Regulation site

Vermont Hunting Regulations PDF