About Hunting in Utah

Now you can apply for Utah’s 2021 big game hunts- Jan 28 – March 4, 2021. Make sure you catch the drawing that will be ready by May 31, 2021! The big game hunts will still be conducted even in the 2021 season, stay tuned on what it may affect in this upcoming year.

There will also be new hunts for sheep , and new limited entry elk hunts, starting with multiple weapons that are available. Before you headout make sure you’re aware of the laws as well, and receive input from various groups about the process such as RAC- (Regional advisory council).

Utah Hunting Seasons

Big Game: Deer, Elk, Black Bear, Cougar

Small Game: Coyote

Birds: Falconry, Upland game & turkey, waterfowl

Utah General Season Dates 2021

General archery deerAug. 21–Sept. 17
General muzzleloader
Sept. 29–Oct. 7
Early general any legal
weapon (rifle) deer
Oct. 13–17
General any legal
weapon (rifle) deer
Oct. 23–31
General archery any
bull elk
Aug. 21–Sept. 22
General archery spike
Aug. 21–Sept. 10
General any legal
weapon (rifle) spike
and any bull elk*
Oct. 9–21
General muzzleloader
Nov. 3–11
Youth general (rifle)
any bull elk
Sept. 18–26
*On all Book Cliffs units, the any legal weapon spike bull elk hunt will only run from Oct. 9–13, 2021.

Utah Hunting Licenses

To apply for a hunting license visit: wildlife.utah.gov an
To hang a big game you must be at least 12 years old. Adults must accompany young hunters.
You must also prove you’ve passed the hunters education course. To hunt you will need:

  1. Current Utah hunting or Combo license before applying for,
  2. Big game permits , bonus points or preference points.
365 day hunting license$11$29
Multi year hunting license$33 per year up to 5 years$71 per year, up to 5 years
General deer$40$398
General bull elk or spike bull elk$50$593
Multi season general bull$150$800

Find a Hunting Guide

Utah hunting guides

Elk hunting guides

Utah Hunting News

Throughout the year the US forest service and land management is helping complete loss of acres for habitat improvement. If you want to know the lands then visit the website listed at the bottom of this page. At this time stay tuned for what’s to come as well in 2022, as there will be permits that allow you to hunt any unit and normally it is only offered for specific species. This applies to residents only and is for deer, pronghorn, elk, moose bighorn ram, and bison as well as goat. Bear, cougar and turkey are also offered.

This is the best time to apply for one, which can be done Oct 20- Nov 10, 2021. Also in July is when various other types of these license will be available.

Links to Official Site

Utah State Regulation Site
Utah Hunting Regulations PDF
Utah Licenses and Permits