About Hunting in Pennsylvania

Tentative seasons include a 14 day antlered and antlerless firearms season, and increased opportunity. The closure of fall turkey season , in reductions in season length for 14 other WMUS due to declining population trends.

The extended, antlerless firearms season traditionally held in south eastern and south western Pennsylvania is proposed to be held all of WMUS 2B, 5C and 5D given antlerless harvest evenly distributed through areas regardless of firearm restrictions. Elk provisions are also being made at this time and everything will be set by April.

Pennsylvania Hunting Seasons

Big Game: Bear, Deer, Elk

Small Game: Squirrel, Rabbit, Hare, Groundhog

Bird: Grouse, Pheasant, Quail, Crow, Turkey, Sparrow

Pennsylvania Hunting Season zones

Pennsylvania Deer Hunting Season Dates 2021

ArcheryNov 14-21, 2021
Nov 22-26,
2021, Dec 27-Jan 29, 2022
2B, 5C & 5DOne antlerless
deer w/ each
antlerless license. One
antlered deer
per hunting
license year.
Antlered &
Oct 2- Nov 13;
Nov 14; Nov
15-19; & Dec
27- Jan 17,
StatewideOne antlerless
deer w/ each
license. One
antlered deer
per hunting
license year.
Antlered &
MuzzleloaderOct- 16-23StatewideAn antlerless
deer with each
Special FirearmsOct 21-23, 2021Statewideantlerless
Nov 27; Nov 28
and Nov 29- Dec
StatewideAntlered and
Dec 27- Jan 29,
2B, 5C and 5DAntlerless

Pennsylvania Hunting License

Purchase a license at any time easily at : https://huntfish.pa.gov/

Licence/ PermitResidentNonresident
Adult Hunting$20.90$101.90
Landowner Hunting$4.90N/A
Mentored Adult Hunting
Archery Antlerless Elk App$11.90N/A
Archery Antlered Elk App$11.90N/A
Antlerless Deer Licenses will NOT* be available online.
Bobcat Permit$6.90

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Pennsylvania Hunting News

The great news in that hunting Sundays during archery deer and firearms bear seasons would open other species as well. The public is welcome to offer comment on the 2021- 2022 seasons and limits plus similar board committee steps of action.

The next meeting is April 16 to 17 at the county headquarters.

There are many changes happening at this time, however if being a contributing member would allow a lot of benefits and changes in which being a part of might add to inclusivity and forward momentum then it is suggested arriving at one of these may be the perfect solution!

Links to Official Sites

Buy license in Pennsylvania: https://huntfish.pa.gov/
Pennsylvania State Regulation
Site: https://www.media.pa.gov/Pages/Game-Commission-Details.aspx?newsid=444