About Hunting in Oklahoma

As one of the best states in the nation for whitetail deer hunting , its big business with an economic impact of $600 million a year! There is a balanced education in place that is able to determine the difference between if a herd needs less, more or stabilized population numbers.

Fueling this education, are the hunters behind it that gather the much needed information and may be the leaders in this type of research. Without those out in the field , understanding the rules that are required we may never be able to move forward in keeping our wildlife healthy and without a species going extinct. The knowledge that you bring goes a long way in making sure this earth stays natural and healthy for every single person thriving and even maybe surviving!

Oklahoma Hunting Seasons

Big Game: Deer, Elk, Antelope, Bear

Smal Game: Rabbit

Birds: Turkey, Dove, Crow, Woodcock, Rail, Snipe, Gallinule, Waterfowl, Ducks

Oklahoma Hunting Season Dates 2021 – 2022

The season for spring turkey starts April 16- May 16, 2022, Rabbit Oct 1 to March 15, 2022, Elk October 1 – Jan 15, 2022 as well as Antelope October 1-14, 2021 for Antelope!

Deer hunting, the most popular hunting season in Oklahoma!

Deer Hunting in Oklahoma 2021 – 2022

ArcheryOct 1- Jan 15, 20226 no more than 2 may be alerted.
MuzzleloaderOct 23- 31, 20214, no more than one may be antlered
GunNov 20- Dec 5, 20214 no more than 1 may be alerted.
Holiday Antlerless Deer GunDec 18-31, 20212, antlerless only

Harvest of antlerless mule deer is prohibited. Antlerless harvest limits are set by zone.

Zone 1: No antlerless harvest.

Zones 2, 7 & 8: four antlerless

Zones 3, 4, 5, 6 & 9: two antlerless

Zone 10: one antlerless.

All deer taken during the specific season count toward the hunter’s combined season limit of six deer. (Deer taken during the holiday antlerless deer gun season do not count toward the hunter’s combined season limit of six deer.)

Oklahoma Hunting License Costs

License/ PermitResidentNon Resident
Annual Hunting$25$176
Deer Gun (antlered)$20$300
Deer Gun (antlerless)$20$300
Holiday Antlerless Deer Gun$20N/A
Combo Hunting & Fishing$42N/A

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The Oklahoma department of wildlife conservation receives no general state tax, entirely funded by sportsmen! Get the most out of Oklahoma’s outdoor life, either with great organizations that support the outdoors or volunteering on a board that supports a lifestyle having to do with outside. It doesn’t matter if you’re brand new to the sport or have been around the block a few times, there is still so much to share regarding the tradition of spending time outdoors in a creative and productive way! With the season coming to a close and a spring around the corner this is a great time to reach out in between the break to form a group who support each other in giving back to the ecosystem in an amazing fashion.

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