About Hunting in Ohio

In Ohio the Department of Natural resources determines the state’s hunting dates, but generally spring turkey runs from late April through late May, in the South zone. In North East the season runs through most of May, Full hunting season runs from mid- October, through late November.

The 2021 spring season opens on a saturday instead of a Monday, the south zone opens Saturday April 24th, 2021. The northeast opens Saturday May 1st, 2021- There will be no quail hunting on public land with the exception of the Tri valley wildlife area in the Crown city wildlife area.

Although a global pandemic interrupted out turkey plants, there are still a lot of ways to get out and get involved with the ecosystem and the natural flow of the outdoors. Let’s make this world beautiful by interacting with it. None of the closest ways there are to understand ourselves and the creatures that inhabit it with us.

Ohio Hunting Seasons

Big Game: Deer

Small Game: Feral Swine, Squirrel, rabbit, Fox, Coyote, Groundhog

Birds: Turkey, Crow, Grouse, Quail, Waterfowl, Migratory

Ohio Hunting Season zones
FallOct 10, 2020-
Nov 29, 2020
1 (either sex)
Spring: South
April 24- May
23, 2021
2 birds total;
bearded only 1 per day
Spring: North
May 1-30, 2021
The 2021 spring wild turkey hunting season opens on a Saturday instead of a Monday in both
ohio zones

2021 Deer Hunting Season

ArcherySept 26, 2020 –
Feb 7, 2021
Statewide, 6
Only one may
be antlered, you
may not exceed
an individual
county bag limit
GunNov 30, 2020-
Dec 6 2020
Statewide, 6
Only one may
be antlered, you
may not exceed
an individual
county bag limit
Dec 19-20, 2020Statewide, 6
Only one may
be antlered, you
may not exceed
an individual
county bag limit
MuzzleloaderJan 2-5, 2021Statewide, 6

Ohio Hunting License Info

Purchase a license at : wildohio.gov

Resident lifetime$480.00N/A
Resident lifetime – 10 years$180.44
Nonresident 3 day hunting license$40.56
Either Sex – Deer Permits$31.20$76.96
Deer Management$15.00$15.00
Fall Turkey$31.20$38.48
Spring Turkey$31.20$38.48
Shooting Range$24.00$24.00

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Ohio Hunting News

A successful wild turkey hunter may aid or assist another hunter- there are many avid hunters in the state of Ohio. The bordering Ohio River is a unique habitat that makes it the optimal home for a great variety of animals. There is a plenty of variety of with small, big game and birds, the climate makes it nice to get outside and contribute to the restoration of fish, wildlife and plant resources and their habitats within U.S

There are wetlands, prairies, rivers and forest habitat that includes 1.3 million acres throughout all of the areas from Illinois to Wisconsin.

Links to Official Sites

Buy license in Ohio: wildohio.gov
Ohio State Regulation
Site: https://www.ohiohuntsman.com/2020-2021-ohio-hunting-and-trapping-regulations/