NY’s Best Hunting Guides (2021)

ny hunting guides

Are you looking for a NY hunting guide? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

We realized finding the proper outfitter will make or break your trip so we did our homework to research the best hunting guides in New York.

Please keep in mind, we don’t have an exhaustive list but do have some of the highest rate that offer the most popular services.

The most common hunts in NY are for deer, duck, goose, turkey, bear and coyote. With that said, here is our top pick.

Our Pick for Best Deer Hunting Guide in NY

#1. Stuyvesant Outdoor Adventures

After personally visiting Stuyvesant Outdoors last year, I couldn’t have had a better experience.

With over 3,000 well-managed acres, Stuyvesant Outdoor Adventures offers guided hunts New York state for White-tail Deer, Turkey, Pheasant, Waterfowl, Coyote and Small game.


Let’s start with the accommodations. The accommodations were incredible. The lodge was previously Sidney Poitier’s house. I stayed in a suite with a private bathroom, couch and tv. Sometimes it’s great to have a communal area to sit around share experiences from the hunt but it was really nice to have a comfortable place to retreat to if we were tired. Everything was clean, comfortable and the food was delicious.

Additionally they have a bunk house that would be great for a trip with a group of friends. It’s a separate building with card tables, a bar and plenty of seating.

The Guides

With over 3,000 acres there is no guarantee that you’re going to see wildlife. The weather was unseasonably warm when I was there which meant the deer weren’t moving. My guide was knowledgeable, friendly and really wanted us to get something. He gave us tips and pointed things out, which was helpful. They were also flexible and would take you at as early or as late as you want.

The Hunting

There was a variety of stands and settings. Some open fields, some squeeze points in woods, some along trails, some near food plots. Most of the stands I was in were great condition with the exception of a few older wooden stands.

It didn’t feel over hunted like some of the other outfitters I’ve tried.

There is no such thing as a sure thing with hunting. On our first day the guide took us on a tour of the area and we saw plenty of deer and turkey. So there are definitely a lot of wildlife in the area.

I also got a buck when I was there so I can personally vouch for them.

Outside of the hunting we loved people, the accommodations and the whole experience.

I can’t recommend them enough. The one issue is that they have a lot of repeat business. That means there isn’t a lot of availability, especially around the rut as those slots get preferential booking from past guests.

Cost: 3 day hunts range from $1,375 to $1,625. Need more or less time? I wouldn’t be surprised if they would work with you.


Phone: (518) 929-0137

Stuyvesant is located along the Hudson River. We realize some people might be looking for deer hunting guides in Western NY so we’ll add some more outfitters in other parts of the state soon.

Be sure to visit our page on the NY Hunting season to check dates, license costs and regulations.

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