About Hunting in New York

Looking to plan a hunt in NY? We’ve put together all the information about the NY hunting season.

2020 New York Active Hunting Seasons in

In 2020 in NY is offering the following seasons:

Big Game

  • Deer
  • Black Bear

Small Game

  • Cottontail Rabbit
  • Varying Hare
  • Grey, Black and Fox Squirrel


  • Wild Turkey
  • Waterfowl
  • Migratory game birds

New York Hunting Seasons Dates

Early bowhunting in NY state starts on September 27 in a few zones and October 24 is the first day of the regular hunting season.

That said, hunting seasons depend on the following:

  • The sporting arm (ie weapon)
  • Animal
  • Zone (location)

Once you know what you want to hunt, with what and where you can reference the tables below to know when the seasons begin and end and what the bag limits are (what sex and how many you can harvest).

NY Regular & Bowhunting Deer Hunting Seasons 2020

Northern Zone

Northern ZoneDatesBag Limit
Early BowhuntingSept 27 – Oct 231 deer (antlered or antlerless)
CrossbowOct 14 – Oct 23
RegularOct 24 – Dec 6
Late BowhuntingDec 7 – Dec 13

*Antlered bucks must have at least one antler with 3 or more points that are at least 1 inch long.

Southern Zone

Southern ZoneDatesBag Limit
Early BowhuntingOct 1 – Nov 201 deer (antlered or antlerless)
CrossbowNov 7 – Nov 30
RegularNov 21 – Dec 13
Late BowhuntingDec 14 – Dec 22

2020 NY Muzzleloader Deer Seasons


NorthernDatesZonesBag Limit
MuzzleloaderOct 17 – Oct 23, Dec 7 – Dec 135a, 5g, 5j, 6c, 6h, 6gDeer of either sex
Oct 17 – Oct 236aAntlered Deer Only
Dec 7 – Dec 13Deer of either sex
Oct 17 – Oct 235c, 5f, 5h, 6kDeer of either sex
Oct 17 – Oct 236f, 6j, 6nAntlered Deer Only


SouthernDatesZonesBag Limit
MuzzleloaderDec 14 – Dec 22Deer of either sex

NY Black Bear Hunting Seasons 2020

DatesBag Limit
Early BearSept 19 – Oct 16
BowhuntingSept 19 – Oct 23
CrossbowOct 14 – Oct 23
MuzzleloaderOct 17 – Oct 23
RegularOct 24 – Dec 6
DatesBag Limit
Early BearSept 12 – Sept 27
Early BowhuntingOct 1 – Nov 20
CrossbowNov 7 – Nov 20
RegularNov 21 – Dec 13
Late BowhuntingDec 14 – Dec 22
Late MuzzleloaderDec 14 – Dec 22

Understanding New York’s hunting season

Before you can hunt in NJ, you will need to do the following:

  1. First buy an annual NY hunting license
  2. Buy applicable permits

NY Annual Hunting License Costs


(Note: It is not necessary to purchase a separate bear tag when buying a hunting license. Small game and big game hunting is now included in the annual hunting license for both residents and nonresidents.)

Additional NY Hunting Privileges/Permits

PermitResident CostNonresident Fee
Bowhunting Privilege$15 (ages 16-69)
No fee (ages 70+)
$4 (ages 12-15)
$30 (ages 16+)
$4 (ages 12-15)
Muzzleloading Privilege$15 (ages 14-69)
No fee (ages 70+)
$30 (ages 14+)
Turkey Permit$10 (ages 12+)$20 (ages 12+)
Deer Management Permit$10 (ages 16+)
No fee (ages 12-15)
No fee (holders of lifetime sportsman
licenses purchased prior to
October 1, 2009)
$10 (ages 16+)
No fee (ages 12-15)
No fee (holders of lifetime sportsman
licenses purchased prior to
October 1, 2009)

Annual hunting licenses and privileges are valid from September 1 through August 31 each year.

Where to buy: https://decals.licensing.east.kalkomey.com/

NY Hunting Lottery Application Dates

PermitApplication Date
Fall Turkey10am Sept 14,2020
Spring TurkeyJan 25-Feb 22, 2021
Bear Segment A10am Sept 9 – Oct 19, 2020
Bear Segment B10am Nov 1, 2020 until end of season or sold out

Permit Tip:

Some permits go on sale ‘over the counter’ if they don’t sell out.

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New York Hunting News

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Tips for Hunting in NY

No hunting on sunday, must wear orange, must have license, hours vary, earn a buck


Do I need a license to hunt in NY?

How long is a NY hunting licenses valid for? Licenses are for the calendar year and expire on December 31. Deer permits are valid into the following year if a season extends into it.

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