About Hunting in Missouri

Missorui is home to so many huntable species, take time to get outside and enjoy the outdoors with the best conversation program and hunting offerings around. MDC manages one million acres for public and private use.

The mission is to protect fish, wildlife resources from the state, and join in being commissioned for the conservation by being appointed. IF you’re already out there , what a closer look to what is really going on. This benefits the board greatly and the business you do out there comes to work for all of us in MO.

Missouri Hunting Seasons

Big Game: Deer, Elk

Small Game: Bobcat, Squirrel, Rabbit, Beaver, Nutria, Otter, Muskrat, Coyote, Groundhog, Badger, Fox, Minx, Oppossum

Birds: Geese, Crow, Turkey, Snipe, Dove, Rails

Missouri Hunting Season zones

Missouri Deer Season Dates 2021

ArcherySept 15- Nov 12,
2 deerEither sex
Nov 24, Jan 15
2 deerEither sex
FirearmsDec 25, 2021 –
Jan 4, 2022
1 deer antler ledAntlered
combined archer
and firearm
Dec 4, 2021-
Dec 12, 2021
Nov 13-23, 2021

Missouri Hunting License Info

Archer’s Permit$19.00$265
Firearm Antlerless Permit$7.00$25.00
Firearm Any Permit$17.00$265.00
Archery Antlerless Permit$7.00$25.00

Archery valid Sept 15 through Jan 15 throughout big and small game archery season.
Firearm any valid Nov 13 to Jan 4 for all deer season.

Missouri Hunting News

Actual updated regulation summaries appear based on the wildlife code of Missouri that help keep the habitat healthy. They will be PDF format available March 1st. Now it will be as if the thoughts and opinions of hunters in MO will be seen first hand on this website. Be part of the conversation, start to hunt here and in the future while being prepared with the sites listed at the bottom of this page and information throughout the webpage.

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