Marine biologists have been collecting weather related data and because the ecological relationship changes over time, management standards require avid observation. That is why having outdoorsmen and women out in the field gives a first take at what may be different, you help us to make a difference every day. In general Maine is divided into 29 WMDs, are western mountains or coastal plain northern hardwoods or spruce and variations in temperature.

Departments make a real effort so there is no confusion to make clear boundaries. With so many animals and ecosystems available it makes it easier to navigate through. Happy Hunting in a place that has had so much success for the vast game populations.

Maine Hunting Seasons Offered

Big Game: Deer, Black Bear, Moose

Small Game: Hare, Squirrel, Bobcat, Coyote, Fox, Raccoon

Bird: Turkey, Upland Game Birds, Pheasant, Quail, Ruffed Grouse, Crow

Maine Hunting Season zones

Maine Deer Hunting Season Dates 2021

SeasonsZones (WMD)Dates
FirearmAllNov 2- 28, 2020
Maine Resident Only DayAllOct 31, 2020
Archery/CrossbowAllOct 3-30, 2020
Expanded ArcheryDesignated
areas only
Sept 12- Dec 12,
Muzzleloader StatewideAllNov 30- Dec 5,
20-26. 29
Dec 7- 20, 2020

Maine Bear Hunting Season Dates 2021

SeasonsZones WMDSDatesLimit
General Hunting
AllAug 31-Nov 28,
2 Bear per yr – 1
by hunting , 1 by
Youth Bear DayAllAug 29,20202 Bear per yr – 1
by hunting , 1 by
Hunting with
AllSept 14-Oct 30,
2 Bear per yr – 1
by hunting , 1 by
Hunting with BaitAllAug 31- Sept 262 Bear per yr – 1
by hunting , 1 by
Bear TrappingAllSept 1- Oct 31,

Moose Hunting Season Maine (by permit Only)

MooseSept 27- Oct 21-6, 10, 11, 18,19, 27 & 28
MooseOct 11-16, 20211-14, 17-19.27, 28
Maine Resident only dayOctober 30, 202115, 16
MooseNov 1-27, 202115, 16

Permit Application period starts February- May 13, 2021

Maine Hunting License Info

To hold a hunting license in Maine you will not only need a valid hunting license and permit for the animal they wish to pursue, but also:

  1. Held a license in the prior
  2. Taken a hunter safety course
  3. This will apply to the Firearms & Archery licenses, in order for
  4. Crossbow permit, you have to show first 2 and successful completion of #3
    license safety course.

Buy current hunting and fishing licenses and permits:

Big Game Hunting$36.00$115.00
Small Game Hunting$15.00$75.00
Combo Hunt/ Fish$43.00$115.00
Combo Fish/ Archery$43.00$75.00
Crossbow Hunting$26.00
Deer, Moose, Bear Registration$5.00

Maine Hunting News

Roughly 94 % of Maine’s Forest land is privately owned and more is public. Total landowners open up more than 10 million acres of working farms and forests. Always know what matters most and keep it clean as well as legal, be sure to thank them to have the best experience possible! Know the laws when you get out into the state with awesome exemplary animals provided in the early 1880s and 1900s to conserve wildlife and fish.

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