When approaching the wildlife here it is important to make sure you know the regulations and are respecting the environment, including doing clean up as well as remaining ethical with only similar individuals who for safety is their number one priority.

Located down south near the swamp lands there is a whole biodiversity of species waiting to be discovered by you in the outside nature world. Please report if you see anything out of the ordinary and have a great time with others bonding over the various adventures experienced that this geographical location is able to provide.

Louisiana Hunting Seasons Dates

SeasonDatesZonesBag limitNotes
ArcherySept 19- Jan 1510, 8, 7, 36 per season
Daily, 1 antlered
and 1 antlerless
Not to exceed 3
antlered or 4
antlerless per
season , Except
Deer area 4 limit
3/ season and
deer 10 limit 3
(either sex)
Oct 16- Feb 159, 6,51 antlered and 1
antlerless , when
Either Sex
Oct 1-159, 6, 51 antlered and 1
antlerless , when
Bucks only
Oct 1- Jan 314, 2, 11 antlered and 1
antlerless , when
Either Sex
Nov 14-20 & Jan
1,4, 5,6, 9Either Sex /
bucks only Jan
25-30 zone 5
Zone 9 is either
sex for first date
and buck for
second date
Oct 24-30 & Jan
2Either Sex
Oct 10-16 & Jan
3, 7,8Either Sex
Firearms ( still
hunt only)
Nov 21- Dec 11
& Jan 4-24
1,4,6Either Sex zone
6 only applies to
first date
Oct 17- Nov 293,7,8Either Sex
Oct 31- Dec 92Either Sex
Nov 21-22 &
Nov 27-29
5,9Either Sex
Nov 23-26 &
Nov 30-Dec 11
5,9Bucks only
Firearms (w/ or
w/o dogs)
Dec 12- Jan 31,4Either Sex
Dec 12-13 &
Dec 19-20
5,9Either Sex
Dec 14-18 &
Dec 21- Jan 24
5,9Bucks only
Nov 30- Jan 33,7,8Either Sex
Dec 10- Jan 172Either Sex
Dec 12- Jan 246Either Sex

Louisiana Hunting License Info

To purchase a license you may go to:la-web.s3licensing.com
To hunt in LA you will need
● Big Game License (required for deer, turkey and bobcat) in addition to,
● Basic Season License
● Turkey will need to added to the two listed above

Basic Season
(excluding big game)
Big Game$14.00$150.00
Primitive Firearm$10.50$26.00Permit needed after
general for weapon of
LA sportsman’s
$100.00N/AAs an alternative to
multiple licenses you
may purchase this
which includes
fishing, basic season
& big game hunting,
bow , primitive
firearm, turkey, duck
& WMA permit with

As an alternative to LA sportsman paradise or licenses required above, you may purchase the Lifetime Hunting, Fishing or Combo available from the Baton Rouge office only.

Louisiana Hunting News

Louisiana prides itself on being safe and responsible there many cause for things not to go as planned but there are rules in place from the The target shooting and hunting community in LA to help get these things under control. A basic resident license is required for all residents and also a hunters education certification.When you’re down by the Bayou you have a plentiful of species that are only accessible on the swamp lands! Step into the marshes with Alligators, Deer, Turkey that is peacefully living year round in this setting. Everything goes to help conservation efforts and helps to ensure proper wildlife is present now and long into the future. Get out there and start the hunt in the swamp lands!

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Louisiana Hunting Tips

  • Removal of youth turkey lottery hunt, now open hunt for all youth
  • Know where an electric bicycle can be operate on WMA’s
  • Reduction of turkey season from 16 days to nine days.

Helpful Links

Buy license in Louisiana: la-web.s3licensing.com
Louisiana State Regulation Site: http://www.eregulations.com/louisiana/hunting/
Louisiana State PDF: