Kansas is a very popular place to hunt with over 900 applications received for the 20 permits allotted and most importantly it stays within the military and residents alike. Kansas is also divided into three conservation regions 1. Shortgrass prairie, 2. Central mixed grass prairie and 3. Eastern tallgrass prairie. With big , small and bird animals alike they have open areas to roam in as well as hunters who have access to the native species that thrive in this region.

There are public wildlife areas, fall hunting , spring hunting and species management zones with so many activities it makes being outdoors fast growing and an enjoyable outing. Remember hunting starts Sept 14 and goes until Dec 31 beginning with youth then ending with Archery.The Longest big game season is Elk which begins Sept 1 and ends on March 15.

Kansas Hunting Seasons Offered

Kansas offers a variety of seasons ranging from big game, small game to different birds, each season is based off of the species you will be hunting, the type of weapon used as well as the area that is required for each. Below are links to official sites as well a table showing the different options available for the great state of KS!

Big Game: Deer, Elk, Antelope

Small Game: Cottontail, Gray Squirrel, Rabbit

Bird: Turkey, Quail, Greater Prairie Chicken, Crow, Dove, Ducks, Geese, Rail, Crane

kansas deer hunting zones

Kansas Deer Hunting Season Dates 2021

SeasonDatesZoneBag LimitNotes
FirearmsJan 1-10 20216,8,9,10 & 17One buck or
Antlerless Only
Jan 1- 24 202110A, 12, 13, 15
and 19
Jan 1 -17 20211,2,3,4,5,7,11,1
4 and 16
MuzzleloaderSept 14-27,
StatewideOne buck , doe
or fawn
ArcherySept 14- Dec 31,
StatewideOne buck , doe
or fawn
kansas antelope zones
Archery (Early)9/19-9/17 20202,17 and 18One buck doe or
fawn antelope
(Late)10/10-10/312,17 and 18
Muzzleloader9/28-10/5, 20202,17 and 18One buck doe or
fawn antelope
Firearm10/2-5, 20202,17 and 18One buck doe or
fawn antelope

Kansas Hunting License Info

Purchase a Kansas License at
To get a license you must complete a hunter education card as well qualify for a general license, a specific species permit with the weapon that you will be using.

Resident/ Non residentLicenseCost
ResidentAnnual Hunting$27.50
ResidentCombo Hunt/ Fish$47.50
Resident Deer PermitFirearm Either- Species$52.20
Landowner/Tenant | Firearm
Either- Species
Muzzleloader, Either Species$42.50
Archery Either Species$42.50
NonresidentAnnual Hunting$97.50
NonresidentCombo Hunt/ Fish$137.50
Nonresident Deer PermitWhite-tailed Combo$442.50
Hunt Own Land$87.50
Firearm Either- Species$978.50

Kansas Hunting News

The 2020 – 2021 Fall Turkey Season is Oct 1- Nov 10, there are also the crane hunting zones that are established in the west and central zone Oct 17- Dec 13 2020 as well as Nov 11- Jan 7, 2021. You can purchase e licenses, tags and harvest reporting through KDWPTs HuntFish KS mobile app as well.

There are so many fantastic things to do while spending time in Kansas enjoy great lodging as well as an amazing app making it accessible to all! In pre settlement Kansas it was only prairie land and Elk, Deer and Turkey flocked to this area, but just as easily almost got completely wiped out, luckily a small amount remained. It is easy to establish hunting seasons around this to help keep free ranging herds at healthy levels while giving more to the wildlife, parks and tourism that support the State of Kansas.

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