The Best Hunting Guides in Washington State (2021)

washington state hunting guide

Here are out choices for top guides in Washington State.

Twisted Horn Outfitters

About: We are your Premier Trophy Outfitter for the Northwest. We simply go above and beyond to maintain the highest success rates in the Northwest. Our opportunity rate is virtually 100% allowing us to be one of only a few Outfitters to offer a guarantee. Our passion for the outdoors is what separates us from our competitors. We come highly recommended. Visit our website to read some of our Client Testimonials, see the Trophy Harvests in our Gallery

Phone: (360) 624-5232


Miller Ranch

About: Miller Ranch was established in 1886 by Rudolph Miller. From the original 160 acres it has evolved into one of the largest land holdings in the area. The combination of pine forests, scablands, swamps, and ponds make the ranch an ideal habitat for deer and migratory waterfowl. In addition, over a thousand acres has been dedicated game bird habitat. Waterfowl are abundant during the spring and fall. The lakes and many potholes provide critical nesting habitat for waterfowl species common to the Pacific Flyway. 

Phone: 509.370.5535


Get prepared and check out our page on the Washington State hunting season.

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