About Hunting in Arkansas

Arkansas is a popular destination for hunting all year round, you cna enjoy the outdoors including bear to deer to catching fish healthy in the area. For visitors or citizens there is an active hunting program. Wildlife spans to several million acres and is known for being a conservatory state so in spring no hunting is allowed! There are very unique aspects to hunting in Arkansas and if you want a different experience that remains in a natural state, while contributing to the sport of hunting then you have made a great choice!

Multiple seasons are available including deer listed below as well which starts October 1st. There is also Elk which starts October 1st and Bear which includes Archery from September 22 to Muzzle Loader on October 20 and Modern Gun on November 10. General season for alligator begins September 21 and Turkey, April 8.

These are just some of the starting dates but continue to look for more information, as there are general start dates for small game and bird as well.

Arkansas Hunting Seasons

Big Game – Bear, Deer, Elk
Small Game – Rabbit, Squirrel
Bird – Quail, Crow, Turkey

Arkansas 2021 Deer Season Opening Dates

Archery – Sept. 25, 2021
Muzzleloader – Oct 16, 2021
Modern Gun – Nov 13, 2021

Arkansas Firearm and Archery Deer Season 2021

SeasonDatesZoneBag LimitNotes
MuzzleloaderOct 17-25 and Dec
1, 2, 3, 6,
7, 8, 10
Six deer of
which no more
than two may be
bucks. The
seasonal bag
limit may be
taken in any
combination of
zones or
methods as long
as zone bag
limits are not
2 antlered bucks
with archery,
muzzleloader or
modern gun
Oct 17-25 and Dec
4A, 5A, 14
and 15
Oct 17-251,2,3,6,7,8
,10,11, 4A,
5A, 14, 15,
16, 16A
and 17
Closed4 and 5
Modern GunNov 14- Dec 61, 2,
and 11
Nov 14-224 and 5
Nov 14- Dec 134A, 5A, 14
and 15
Nov 14- Dec 209, 12, 13
Nov 14- Dec 2516, 16A
and 17
ArcherySept 26- Feb 28Statewide
arkansas bear hunting zones

Arkansas Firearm and Archery Bear Season 2020-2021

SeasonDatesZoneBag LimitNotes
MuzzleloaderOct 17-251 & 2One bear, either
sex, by any
The season
ends the
morning after
the quota is
reached or Nov
30 whichever
comes first.
Archery quota:
400 bears,
quota: 50 bears,
Modern gun
quota: 50 bears.
Closed3, 4, 5 , 5A, 6
and 7
Modern GunNov 14-301 & 2Zone 1 closes
earlier if quota is
Nov 21-295Closes earlier if
quota is reached
Nov 21- Dec 65ACloses earlier if
quota is reached
Closed3,4,5,5A,6 and 7

Arkansas Firearm and Archery Elk Season 2020-2021

SeasonDatesZoneBag LimitNotes
Public LandOct 26-301,2,3 and 4One Elk, Either
Permit required
Private LandOct 5-9, Oct
Core Elk ZoneOne Elk, Either
Permit required

Arkansas Small Game and Bird Season 2020-2021

RabbitNov 1- Feb 7Statewide
SquirrelMay 15- Feb 28Statewide
CrowSept 1- Feb 21StatewideThursday/Monday hunting only

Arkansas Hunting License

Application period begins- June 1st at 8 am
Application deadline- July 1st at 11:59 pm
You can purchase license at www.agfc.com

License CostNotes
Combination Sportsman’s
$35.50All game species using
modern gun, muzzleloader or
archer and tot take a total
bag limit of deer
Resident Sportsman’s
$25.00All game species use modern
guns, muzzleloaders or bow
and to take a total bag limit of
deer and turkey
Resident Wildlife
Conservation License
General WMA Hunter Use
FreeRequired to hunt or trap on
Nonresident Annual all game
hunting license
Nonresident 5- Day All Game
Hunting License
Non Expiring lifetime resident
hunting and fishing
sportsman permit

Arkansas hunting permits

PermitApplication datesCost
Turkey PermitJan 15- Feb 15$5 to apply
Alligator PermitJune 15
Elk PermitMay 1 to June 1
WMA waterfowl hunt Permit
Urban Archery Deer Hunt

All participants of urban bow hunts must complete the international bowhunter education program.

Arkansas Hunting News

The great state of Arkansas is known as a ‘Natural State,’ meaning that there isn’t any hunting in the spring time due to the high breeding numbers. They work hard at conserving the land and the animals so that there are harvest numbers for a later date as well and the population is evenly maintained. There are interesting big games including Alligator, Elk, Bear and Deer and small games which include rabbit, squirrel and quail! There are many wildlife management areas where you can apply at a low cost or none at all to hunt and you are sure to gain a unique experience.

The licenses, permits if any as well as the seasons, weapons and zones are all listed on this page for Arkansas, please continue to look around to find accessible information!

Links to Official Sites

Buy License in Arkansas: www.agfc.com
Arkansas State Regulation Site: https://www.agfc.com/en/hunting/general-hunting-regulations/
Link to State PDF: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1y3NsyKqHSUY3kPfJ8j5agSjVAx1gHiWx/view

Find a Hunting Guide

Arkansas hunting guides

Arkansas Duck Hunting Guides

Tips for Hunting in Arkansas

  • Hunters or those accompanying must wear at least 400 sq inches of hunter orange, chartreuse or blaze camouflage above wait and a head garment of the same colors.
  • Hunters may carry only muzzleloaders or archery equipment during muzzleloader deer or bear seasons.
  • Hunters may use air rifles on small games
  • It is unlawful to feed wildlife within the CWD management zone
  • Food plots may be used year round

Resources and Links

General Hunting Dates- https://www.cleverhunters.com/arkansas-hunting-seasons/
Official Hunting Regulation Site- https://www.agfc.com/en/hunting/general-hunting-regulations/
Hunting Guidebook PDF https://drive.google.com/file/d/1y3NsyKqHSUY3kPfJ8j5agSjVAx1gHiWx/view
Permits and Laws- https://blog.gunassociation.org/arkansas-hunting-laws-regulations/