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Having trouble finding the info you need about AZ? Arizona offers a lot of diversity, if this is your first time hunting you are in for a great experience. The times spent will be some of the best you’ve had. Arizona is big on promoting youth hunts and offers a wide variety of juniors only programs. The most important part is teaching the generation to be responsible stewards. They can participate in small game hunting, plus there is big game hunting to try for all ages. Arizona also participates in the lottery which helps maintain healthy, sustainable wildlife populations and habitats. Whichever you choose you’re sure to have a safe and fun time while in the state of

Arizona regulates its hunting seasons by region, and many of its hunts are by lottery permit only. For these reasons, it is important to visit the Arizona Game and Fish Department website for additional details before heading out to hunt. Season dates vary by zone, specifically for Rocky Mountain and Desert bighorn sheep.

I’ll share links to all the important hunting resources in AZ at the bottom of this page.

Arizona Hunting Seasons Offered

Big Game- Deer, Javelina, Bighorn Sheep, Fall Bison, Fall Bear, Mountain Lion
Small Game- Rabbit, Squirrel, Chukar
Birds- Pigeon, Grouse, Dove, Pheasant, Quail, Waterfowl

Arizona Hunting Season Dates 2021

Arizona has different season dates, but it does depend on things like species, zones as well as the weapon that’s being used. In general I listed below the normal start seasons for each animal, but then go more into detail in the table for each point that is affected by the variations that are offered.

General , Oct 23 – 31 2021
Muzzleloader Oct 23-31 2021
Archery Aug 21- Sept 10 to Dec 11- Dec 31

General Bison Season, Dec 4-6, Dec 13-15
Muzzleloader, Sept 11-23
Archery, Aug 21- Sept 9

General Turkey Season Oct 2-8
Archery Aug 21- Sept 10
Turkey hunting in AZ requires hunting license and turkey tag**
Bag Limit- 1 per year


AZ Firearm & Archery Turkey Hunting Seasons 2020

SeasonDatesZonesBag Limit
FirearmApril 23- 29 and
May 7 to May
20, 2021
1, 3B, 3C, 4A &
4B, 5A, 5B, 6A,
6B, 7, 8 & 10,
12A , 13A
1 turkey per
calendar year
Limited WeaponApril 23-29
May 7-27, 2021
ArcheryApril 23-29
May 14-2733
May 7-2733
April 30- May 633
May 7, May 201, 4a, 4b, 6a,
12a, 23 and 27

Arizona State Hunting License

The application to apply is June 9th, 2020, Here is what is needed to hunt in arizona:

  1. Buy a AZ hunting license (resident vs non-resident)
  2. Buy applicable permits (turkey, bear, deer, etc)

Link to buy Licenses and Permits: license.azgfd.com

AZ Hunting License Costs

Resident/ Non – residentLicensesCost
ResidentGeneral Hunting$37
ResidentCombo Hunt & Fish$57
Non- ResidentGeneral Hunting
Non- ResidentCombo Hunt & Fish$160

AZ Hunting Permit Costs

PermitResident / Non Resident
Deer Permits$58/ $315
Pronghorn Permit$103/ $585
Bighorn Sheep Permit$313/ $1,815
Turkey Hunt Permit$38/ $105
Bear Hunt Permit$38/ $165
Javelina Hunt Permit$38/ $115
Elk Hunt Permit$148/ $665
Bison- Bull/ Any Hunt Permit$1,113/ $5,415

AZ Hunting Draw dates

SpeciesDraw DeadlineRegulations
Pronghorn, elk, raptor
Second Tuesday in February
(pending commission
Available in early January
Deer, fall turkey, fall javelina,
bighorn sheep, fall bison,
sandhill crane
Second Tuesday in June
(pending commission
Available in early May
Spring javelina, spring bear,
spring turkey, spring bison
Second Tuesday in October
(pending Commission
Available in early September

Links to Official Sites

AZ state PDF:
AZ state regulation site:
Link to buy Licenses and Permits: license.azgfd.com

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