About Hunting in Alaska

Alaska offers world class hunting opportunities, which span from brown bear to mountain goat hunts. In fact, there are many who rely on Alaska’s abundant wildlife to survive. These are the people who make things last and get behind conservationists.

Alaska offers many different opportunities, whether it’s through severe ice storms that bring out caribou or closer to the coast that depend on the harvest to survive. Either way there is so much offered here, it is truly one of a kind in the types of species, style of hunts and culture and tradition that revolves around the year round Alaskan Hunting Season.

Alaska Hunting Seasons Offered

Generally archery and muzzleloader take methods are prohibited for big game hunts.

Big game: Bison, Black Bear, Brown Bear, Caribou, Dall Sheep, Mule Deer, Sitka Black tailed Deer, Elk, Moose, Mountain Goat, Wolf

Small game: Hare

Birds: Waterfowl, Grouse, Ptarmigan, Crow

Alaska Hunting Season Dates 2021

SeasonDatesBag Limit
Black BearSept 1- June 30After a bear is
taken, hunters
may need to
wait between 1
to 4 years.
Brown BearSept 15- June
2 bears every
CaribouAug 10- Dec 31No more than 2
per year
Mule DeerAug 1- Dec 31
ElkAug 1- Dec 31
MooseSept 1- Nov 30
Mountain GoatAug 1- Jan 31
WolfAug 1- Apr 30
WolverineSept 1- March

Sept 1st – April 30th Open Season in some zones

How to Get an Alaska Hunting License

If you are 18- 59 a license is required to get a license along with the correct license and permit to go along with it.

Here is the link to buy a license for Alaska: https://www.adfg.alaska.gov/Store/

Hunting/ sport fishing$69
Hunting/ trapping/ sport fishing$94

Resident locking tag fees

Brown / Grizzly Bear$25

Harvest tickets expire June 30th
Draw hunt is Nov 1 at 8am to Dec 15 5pm

Hunting News

  • AK increased resident bag limit to two bears every regulatory year
  • AK created a resident only, winter registration hunt.
  • Drawing and Subsistence permits awarded in February


Remember that in July new hunting regulation books are available, in January new hunting licenses and big game locking tags are available. There are also different hunts in Alaska which range from general hunting, to drawing as well as registration, community subsistence harvest and target. General Hunting consists of a required license and you must get a tag to be in a drawing . If you would like you can also be in the harvest hunt which is more regulated than the drawings are.

The season starts September 1st with Wolverine and Black Bear and leads till Wolverine Caribou and Elk of December 31st and March 331.

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