The Best Hunting Guides in North Carolina (2021)

north carolina hunting guides

Did you know North Carolina has the longest deer hunting season in the US?

North Carolina offers 1.8 million acres of public hunting land. You can find a number of different hunts in NC, ranging from wild board to black bear to waterfowl. But deer are the most hunted by far.

There are a number of hunting guides in NC but we’ve found a few that we really like.

Best Deer Hunting Guide in NC

#1. Choanoke Outfitters


Located in Ahoskie, North Carolina Choanoke Outfitters offers more than 10k acres of hunting land with more than 150 stands.

They offer a variety of terrain, ranging from hardwoods, pine blocks, marsh lands and swamp bottoms.

Cost: A 3 Day Deer Hunt with lodging will cost 1350. The same hunt with gun will cost $100 more.

Link: Choanoke Outfitters

Phone: (252) 395 – 0008

In general, Deer hunting season begins in the middle of September and ends in January, but the exact dates will vary depending on location and what you’re hunting with (bow, gun, etc). Check out our article on the North Carolina Hunting Season for all the nitty gritty details.

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