The Best Hunting Guides in Georgia (2021)

georgia hunting guide

We did a lot of research checking out the top hunting guides in Georgia.

Woods-N-Water Inc

About: Woods-N-Water specializes in providing today’s sportsmen high-quality and affordable hunting and fishing adventures including special corporate, group, and parent/child hunting packages. Woods-N-Water currently offers a full line of hunting & fishing trips in middle Georgia – including trophy whitetail deer hunts, eastern wild turkey hunts, wild hog hunts, and trophy bass fishing.

Phone: 478-864-9108


Burnt Pine Plantation

About: Quail, Pheasants, and Chukar can all be enjoyed on the same hunt at Burnt Pine Plantation. When the dogs go on point you never know what about to explode from the cover. Unlike some other quail plantations we ONLY hunt two hunters with ONE Guide, unless requested otherwise by the client. In our experience, it’s not as much fun sitting on the buggy as it is actually hunting quail! The dogs are on point, will it be a covey rise, a cackling rooster or a pair of explosive chukar? Mixed bag hunts are exciting and make for some very sporty shooting at Burnt Pine Plantation. These hunts are Half day & full day affairs. You will have ample opportunity to harvest 16 quail, 6 partridge, and 4 pheasants per hunter on a full day hunt.

Phone: (706) 557-0407


We recommend visiting our article on the Georgia hunting season to help get prepared.

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