The Best Hunting Guides in Louisiana (2021)

louisiana hunting guide

Below are our picks for the best hunting guides in Louisiana.

Megabucks Duck Guides

About: At Megabucks Duck Guides, we provide world class waterfowl hunts and our pit blinds are second-to-none. We’ve cultivated an area that offers prolific exposure to ducks and waterfowl of all types—including fully-plumed ducks on the wintering grounds, such as bull sprigs and speckle-bellies, for which the region is renowned.

With five unique blinds to hunt from and seasoned guides to help you have the experience that’s ideal for you, your time spent in the field is time that you’re guaranteed to enjoy. Hunting retriever dogs are also welcome and are provided with a dry, clean kennel during their stay. Dogs are not allowed inside the lodges.

Phone: (318) 669-3757


 Limitless Waterfowl


Located in Venice, La, which has always been known for its fishing, the duck hunting is second to none. Located at the very bottom of the Mississippi flyway this is the last stop for the waterfowl traveling it. Venice attracts many different types of ducks such as: Mallards, Pintail, gadwall, widgeon, redhead, canvasback, blue and green wing teal, and more! We are sure to have a great time and  memorable experience while hunting! Limitless Waterfowl strives to be a safe and professional Outfitter.

Phone: 504-201-8799


Don’t forget to check out the Louisiana hunting season page for all key info.

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